Our Message Continues with Sierra Club

SIERRA Wenden Dirt Road_Tipton WB
Photo Courtesy of R.Tipton

Understandably, many of us have shifted focus during this captive time of the Covid-19 virus. Our minds and hearts are focused on caring for our family, our community and on the various outcomes of what the future looks like.

We are a strong community. We have the capacity to carry on and continue wanting the best for our lives here in McMullen Valley. We, at nosmelterhere.com, still believe in the mission of molding our outcome for the proposed smelter. We are still working behind the scenes to end the industrial project that could alter the quality of our lives, the quality of our environment and healthy prosperity.

Today, a national online magazine, Sierra Club, released an article authored by Ryan MacDonald. Please take a moment to read it.

Our message continues its reach even with the present Covid-19 climate!

Thank you everyone for your continued support of shaping our future.

Click on the article link below.

Wenden Residents Unite Behind “No Smelter Here” Campaign

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