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  • This Could be the Most Important Meeting to Stop the Smelter

    March 5, 2020 by

    County Supervisor Public Hearing and Meeting Discussion and possible action regarding Alliance Metals application. Monday March 16th at 3:00 pm at the Centennial Community Center in Wenden could be the most important day in the fight to prevent the smelter from being built in McMullen Valley.  I say could because the Supervisors have essentially four… Read more

  • Mission Failed

    March 4, 2020 by

    Since the end of 2019 and until February 29th, Alliance Metals and Rose Law-PR firm have spent time revising their plans in attempt  to make the smelter more acceptable to the community. Their mission: winning over the hearts and minds of the people of McMullen Valley. Alliance made a valiant effort but it appears that they… Read more

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Updated pages:  Important Meetings, What can you do?, Why the smelter should not be in Wenden.

A community that is thriving with life and possibilities is supported by the thoughts, ideas and actions of people, and just as importantly, supported by the framework that supports these processes, such as schools, churches and businesses. 

Businesses can define a community and set a tone for future development.For instance, casinos built Las Vegas and set a tone for gambling and adult themed industries. Installing an aluminum recycling smelter would telegraph that Wenden and McMullen Valley is open for business in toxic industry and would attract like businesses. 

Is this the tone we want for Wenden? No. Many of McMullen Valley citizens and in neighboring communities such as Wickenburg, do not want the aluminum recycling smelter for a list of factually based reasons. Extensive research has been done to support these reasons and will be discussed on the pages of this website. 

Nosmelterhere.com will provide you insight into the toxic pollution this facility will produce, the health and potential lethal scenarios, environmental racism, inappropriate high-risk geographical location, environmental risks and the decline of economics to its citizens and future growth. Also, and most importantly: WHAT YOU CAN DO!


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