Don’t Waste Arizona

Almost from the beginning, we have worked with Don’t Waste Arizona to help us as with our mission to have Alliance Metals change the site for their smelter.  They have been invaluable in providing both technical knowledge and strategic advice to us.  They have worked all over the state on such issues as landfills, refineries steel mills, chemical fire disasters and trying to reduce levels of hazardous chemical emissions and environmental risks in our communities.

DWAZ realizes that unless we organize to push our government to protect us and our environment, there is certainly no one in government or industry who will.  When necessary, DWAZ will even work to enforce environmental laws on behalf of its members using the citizen suit provision of federal environmental laws.  They are the most successful citizen suit enforcement group west of the Mississippi River, and have returned over $1.6 million to the U.S. Treasury through their enforcement activities.

DWAZ works to protect all Arizonans against toxic pollution of our air, water, and land, destruction of our resources, environmental racism and government cover-ups.  DWAZ also works for renewable energy, safe, clean jobs, environmental justice, and economic sustainability.

DWAZ has work with us on the “No Smelter Here” project at no cost to the community.  We ask that you consider becoming a member of their organization and make a donation to them so they can continue their very important work.  We thank you for any donation you can provide and instructions are listed below on how to donate.

To download and print their very simple application just click on the image below:

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