Where is Irwin?

In Alliance Metals latest charge, they have been advertising and have posted on their website, asking people in the County to reach out to Duce Minor and D.L. Wilson, Supervisors in Districts 2 and 1, to support their investment in jobs and tax revenue for La Paz County.  The only problem is, where is Irwin?  They seem to be ignoring her and her vote because they seem to have lost their battle to win the hearts and minds of the people in Wenden and Salome.  They have discovered that there is overwhelming opposition to them locating their smelter in our community.  Only Holly knows how she will vote when the time comes, but they seem to have written her off because there is so much push back in Wenden and Salome. (District 3)

Below is the post that I made today (Oct. 10) on their website in rebuttal of their approach:

“Alliance Metals, you have adopted an interesting and probably unethical approach.  The people in District 1 and 2 have no right to decide whether a smelter should be located in our community.  They don’t live here.  You are simply attempting to take advantage of the way the County votes on this kind of proposal.  We hope that Duce, D.L. and Holly will honor the wishes of the people who live here and not be responsive to those who live elsewhere when it comes time to vote.

Your current tactic seems to be an admission that you have failed to get much support for your location from the residents of Wenden and Salome, only extreme opposition. So you now turn to residents elsewhere in the County who don’t live here, to help you to get this project approved.  Tactically, why else would you appeal to the people in District 2 and 3 and not District 1 (our district), even though none of these people would have to live with the consequences of your project…you only want to try and force it on a community that simply does not want it.

As you have admitted to me, you never did your proper due diligence in this community regarding your plans.  You never spoke with any elected officials, institutions or people in this community before you moved forward with your purchase.  Now you have found that there are some problems, which probably could have been avoided, had you spoken with some of us first.  And now you have failed to get much support in our community but rather have received aggressive opposition.

Why on earth would you want your plant to be located in a community that is so opposed to having you here and is geographically unsafe? This tactical approach has the potential to backfire on you. It’s creating additional ill will in the community, and if you prevail, you will need the community’s support as well as that of the Supervisor of District 3.  What kind of a “good neighbor” does this? “

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