30 Days Makes the Difference

Tomorrow marks a milestone.  As of tomorrow, it is thirty days until November 7th and  it is the official date of the next Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.  If the amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and the rezoning request is to appear on the November 7th meeting agenda, then it will have to be posted on the 9th, 30 days in advance.  That is the rule for a public hearing… so we will see.  The next option would be for Alliance to request a special meeting or to wait until the December P & Z meeting.  Apparently, the County is waiting to hear from Alliance as to what they want to do.

Also, we are now past the thirty day mark since the ADEQ public hearing, which is also interesting.  Normally ADEQ responds within 30 days and issues the permit.  The longer it takes the more likely it is that they are having problems resolving the problems that have been raised on Alliance Metal’s application.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep everyone posted when we get additional information.

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