Opportunity to Address Loren Barton-Alliance Metals in Person

Hand Holding Megaphone With UPDATE Announcement

Below is a letter going out to all Wenden residents regarding Alliance Metals.  Please, everyone who can, plan on attending.

Important Update on Alliance Metals Plans for Building a Smelter in Wenden 

Alliance Metals is moving forward with their plans to build the smelter despite rumors to the contrary.  They’ve been conducting meetings with several people in the community and with Duce Minor, County Supervisor for District 2.  The deciding vote is coming down to Duce’s.  We are fairly confident D.L. Wilson, Supervisor for District 1, will vote in favor of the smelter since he is the Chairman of the Board for La Paz Economic Development Corporation, who brought the smelter here in the first place.  We are equally certain Holly Irwin, our Supervisor, will align with the community and vote against it.

The meetings were held at the request of Duce, under the guise of wanting more information about the smelter so he could make an informed decision about the project.  What he was really doing, in our opinion, was to look for a way to approve the smelter and get political cover since he knows the community is overwhelming against the project.

Alliance has just sent out a mailer to the community outlining the stipulations they have agreed to make in order to make the project more palatable to the community.  Additionally, Loren Barton, Vice President for Alliance Metals has agreed to meet face to face with the community to answer questions and to explain the stipulations. This is your opportunity to meet with him and explain how you feel about the smelter being built in Wenden.  It is important that as many people as possible attend and make their opinions known directly to the individual who made the decision to locate a smelter in our community; which is dominated by farming, winter visitors and tourism and not industry.

Loren Barton, VP of Alliance Metals, will be available on February 27th at the Salome Restaurant in Salome from 12:00 to 2:00 pm and on the 28th at Crystals Café in Wenden from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.  Please plan on attending either or both meetings to express how you feel about placing an industrial plant in Wenden. 

Even though they have made changes to their plans: the smelter remains a factory, it will still pollute, it will still generate an enormous amount of hazardous byproduct in the form of salt cake, there will still be a great amount of truck traffic; which now will travel through downtown Wenden by our Water Department and School, it will still be located near a wash that floods frequently and severely, etc.  Attend a meeting and make your opinion known.

Alliance Metals application for rezoning has not yet been presented to the Board of Supervisors but will be scheduled and may appear on the agenda as soon as for the March 16th Supervisors meeting.  We will let you know as soon as we know.



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  1. Rosie miller says:

    How many people can the locations chosen hold will the supervisors be there iam sick at heart sounds like the smelter will be coming in. how very sad for the surrounding community’s and people


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