ADEQ Approves Air Quality Control Permit for Alliance Metals



I have received word that ADEQ will be issuing the Air Quality Control permit to Alliance within a couple of weeks.  As I have stated before, this is only one of several issues for Alliance before they can build their smelter and they still have major hurdles at the county level before they can proceed.  I am sure Alliance will attempt to make a big deal about it, but let’s be realistic, having their permit does not mean that the facility is safe or will not pollute.

According to Alliance Metals application to ADEQ and as outlined in the Draft Permit, this facility will emit nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, dioxins and furans… despite using emission control equipment.  In fact, according to the documents the facility will emit 35 tons of these pollutants annually.  These pollutants are very hazardous to crops, animals and humans.  As stated in a 1993  report by the EPA , “no level of exposure to dioxin is considered safe.”  The levels of these pollutants are considered safe levels by ADEQ but they aren’t.

We all need to keep up the pressure to not allow the smelter in this location!


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