Alliance has been disingenuous

Every now and then I go to Alliance’s Facebook page just to see what they are saying.  I must say that it does offend me when they try and sound like good neighbors that care about our community by trying to high jack events that occur both here, in Quartzite and Parker.  They do it to be able to talk about being proud and excited about bringing investments, jobs and increased tax revenues to our community of which they have been less than honest about.  (See my comments on our Fact Check page.)  We now know that during the job fairs that Alliance has been having they have been less than honest about the environmental impact their plant would have.  The information we have received from several people indicate that they are telling attendees that there will be virtually no emissions because  of their new technology!  Their plant won’t be like aluminum smelters before now!  That simply is not correct.  Before someone tells me to talk to Loren Barton, VP for Alliance, I already have.  The facts have not changed.

Just for drill I have copied below my latest response to one of their posts on their Facebook page.  This was posted on their page.  They were bragging about how they are getting more and more community support.

I don’t know who from Rose Law firm PR arm is writing these posts but it is unfortunate that you can not be honest with our community. If you see more community support then you are not paying attention. We talk to people in the community every day and I can tell you more and more people are coming to the opinion that this facility does not belong in this location. You have a couple of people who have drunk the kool-aid, mainly because Alliance has been disingenuous about the facts and some of them don’t even live in our community. Alliance has down played the environmental impact and told people that they have new technology that controls emissions and pollution. You don’t and if you did you were not honest with ADEQ. You’d make more money from selling that technology than from running a smelter. 35 tons a year, including dioxins and furans! That’s what the facility will emit, each year! That information came from your application to ADEQ. You’re information! You aren’t talking about that. This site was picked because there was easy access to high-pressure gas and the other sites you looked at did not have that unless the company spent a lot of money. The decision was made that since this community was “poor” the company could come here and there would be little push back. Alliance never reached out to the community, never had meetings, never talked to leaders of the community, never did their due diligence in the process. Some of the things that you talked about that were important to you like a ready work force, easy access to railroad transportation, etc. simply aren’t here. This is the wrong location for the health of the community and the wrong location for your business. Start being honest with the community.


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  1. Rande wolters says:

    Thanks for the truth


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