Is it $10 million or $30 million, Make up your mind.

I find it interesting that Alliance is changing the amount of their investment, at least on paper. On August 22, 2019 in the Arizona Republic Thomas Galvin, their attorney said Alliance would be investing $10 million. As citizens discontent escalated and they got more push back they wanted to talk about the amount of tax money they would generate. They now talk about $30 million but have stated that that would be over time. Here’s what I think happened. With $30 million they could claim the tax revenue would be $714,781 OVER 10 YEARS or $71,478 per year. If it is $10 million, as it is more likely to be the annual revenue is only $23,826 a year. They seem to be trying to make more than it really is. Is the risk worth a mere 23 grand? For that matter it isn’t worth 71 grand.

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  1. Dean Lyman says:

    EPA federal guidelines , which ADEQ supposed to follow/enforce/represent clearly states that an Aluminum Smelter should not be located within 25miles of a city. Im still hopung for the ppl at ADEQ to deny permit. Self report ya right


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